After using it for a long time, you may experience some issues associated with your HP printer. If you find that your printer will not print at all, then one of the possible problems is because of a printer driver is unavailable. When this problem takes place then there is no doubt that you have to eliminate this issue in order to use your printer normally. Well, you can go to to download the updated driver for your printer. We have also discussed some tips for you to try whenever you face this issue for windows OS.


Causes of the Printer driver is unavailable error

There are two main reasons behind the printer driver is unavailable error.

  • Wrong printer driver, it means you have installed a driver that doesn’t belong to the specific printer you have.
  • You are using an out-dated version of your printer driver.

After knowing what causes your printer to display driver is unavailable error you need to fix this issue if you want to continue printing.

Reinstall the printer driver in order to fix this error

First thing, you can do to fix this error is reinstalling the printer driver. For this, from your Windows 10 PC or laptop open the RUN box by pressing the Windows logo and R keys at the same time. In this RUN box, type devmgmt.msc and then hit OK. Now, from the print queues, you need to look for your printer driver and then right-click on it to select Uninstall device. After that, just confirm the process.

After uninstalling the printer driver, you need to reinstall the appropriate driver. Please, ensure that you install the correct driver that should be updated one. If you do not do so, then this issue will surely happen again. You need to go to and download the updated printer driver. After that, install this on your system and continue printing. Make sure to visit only genuine sites to download printer driver in order to protect your system from unwanted malware.

Well, now you know what you need to do whenever you encounter printer driver is unavailable error. However, if the above-mentioned tips are failed to fix this error, then you may need to put a call for appropriate assistance. Just make a call at the toll-free number or visit at once to eliminate this issue.